December 31, 2019

Welcome to CarAudioChris’ Blog


So, here is just another website that is talk about this guy named Chris. What is this all about? Well, I hope to tell you here in this article.

What is this blog for?

I am guy in the Car Audio industry that has been focused on Sales since I was 16 years old. I love selling, installing, listening to, and play with car stereo systems. I have gone From SPL loud systems to SQ amazing systems. I started getting to the point where I was helping brick and mortar dealers in this industry grow their businesses by using certain skills and changing how they think about their business.

These skills also translated online and I was able to help them learn how to use online platforms and website in order to multiply the amount of people they have coming through their door buying products.

Help retail business adapt to the current ways to market

My goal now is reach more car audio dealers and other businesses by showing them a way to increase their revenues. The industry is always changing and it changes more quickly every day. People have to run their businesses more efficiently and do what’s best for their customer and not how we have done it in the past

Does this include selling online?

Yes, I want to show dealers the do’s and don’ts of how to sell online and how they can do it efficiently. Online sales do not have to be hard and if done correctly most manufacturers will allow it. It isn’t a big scary project like most think, especially with as easy as companies like Shopify have made it for you. We will be posting How to’s” on things you can do for yourself and even have people that can help you when you can’t.

Do I need to market online?

For the most part yes. Every platform is different and made to hit different markets. Businesses that use these platforms to their advantage become relevant with new customers. Businesses that don’t use the platform are irrelevant and don’t exist in the mind of your customers. There are tons of ways to do this, some more time consuming than others but we will go through these ideas in future articles.

Why should I listen to you?

Well, honestly I don’t think you should take my word alone. Feel free to research what we are saying and then do what you think is best. We have our opinion on what we think will work and we will show results on how it happened. Success and failures are going to happen as we go through the process. By working together, we can find the solutions that work and multiple the output with time. This isn’t just about me and what I say, I am constantly in the field, talking with businesses just like yours and we are always looking for the next big thing that is working. This is all about working together and succeeding. There is enough business for all of us, we are not in a world of lack.

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