May 1, 2020

Time to Succeed in your Business

Time to Succeed in your Business

While I imagine I am not the first to say this, and honestly I won’t be the last, I do think it’s important for me to say this right now. To all my friends in the Car Audio world or any retail business in the US, this is the time now where we have to focus on growing our business. As of May 1st, 2020, it looks like businesses will be reopening soon and you need to be ready to stand out as people get back out in the world. This is going to be some ideas on things you can do in your business to make it the next choice for your customers.

Now is the time to focus and work more, not less!

I realize what is going on in the world today. Doom and Gloom are all we hear about and it is causing a lot of people to sit back, wait, and not focus on what they need. It can be depressing to feel like you can’t do anything. The reality, if you decide to take action, is that you can now do more than ever to advertise and grow your following so you build customers. You have to think about it not as pushing” for sales. You want to bring value to your customers and give them what they want first. Why not try it, many of your retail businesses are either on fewer hours or closed altogether. This gives you all the free time to work on your business. Put the Netflix and Disney+ down and grab your laptop and camera.

Tell your businesses story

The first thing you want to work on and start thinking about is telling your business’ story. People buy from other people and they don’t just buy from a nameless organization when they have the choice. Personal is ok, being real with the challenges, struggles, and successes you are having is a good thing. Its what makes you human and makes your story much more interesting than the next. Think back, have you ever bought something from someone because you knew they needed the help? Girl Scout cookies, kids school drives, Animal Shelters, and even food banks are all places where people help because they know what they are doing and know they need help. Start thinking about how to make your story interesting and share it.

Now, the question is how do I share it? Use your super fancy studio, pro” level camera you own called your phone and start making videos.

But… But… No one wants to see my ugly face. I suck at talking on a Camera!”

First of all, if your face was a problem you wouldn’t have a store in the first place. Secondly, you get better at things you do by practicing so start recording videos! The only thing you really need other than your cellphone is a Tripod Stand and a Microphone, which you can find using those links. Even those are just suggestions and not necessary. Your videos don’t need to be perfect, an unscripted video can get more attention because it’s interesting and authentic. You can also write articles just like this one if you are a better writer, or you can even record a podcast as well that you can share with people. If you don’t know how you can either message me directly on Instagram at @CarAudioChris or you can just Google/YouTube it. Here is an example of a video I did with a customer of mine. It isn’t perfect but we did it in one take and took a whole 30 mins to do from start to finish.

Video Example Special thanks to HiPro Audio in Victoria, TX for this video

Show off interesting things you are doing or have done

Most businesses in the past have a catalog of jobs they have done over the years. Use these posts to share regularly. Try posting 1 time a day to start moving to 2-3 a day. Make themes of the week to talk about cool things you are doing. For my car audio guys, you can do Fail of the week”, Banger of the Week”, SQ Saturday”, etc. The idea here is to get your customers to see you more than your competitor all while being entertaining, informative, and not just another sales guy. On all of these posts, DO NOT be salesy! There is a time and a place and I will talk about that a little later.

Another piece of advice with these is to plan out a week of posts or more at a time. This makes it so you don’t forget at the moment and makes it easier to schedule automatic posts daily. As business is picking up, you will get back to closing sales and doing jobs. This makes it so you will have at least a post go up daily and gives you time to make money and still grab new attention online. Scheduling can be done on most social media now so if you need to know how then hit me up here @CarAudioChris.

How to ask for the sale online

Let’s think about how you would want to be sold online. You don’t want to see an ad every 5 mins saying the same thing, do you?

Buy from me! Buy from me! Or Give me your vote! Give me your vote!” - Bloomberg on every YouTube video for 4-5 months

All jokes aside, you want the ask to feel organic, and this is why you want to plan ahead of time. As I said, we have the time right now. If you need to sell radar detectors, then for the week or two before you post about a radar detector sale, show off some amazing vehicles you have done with custom installs. Explain why the customer went with that one, and talk about the benefits all without asking for the sale. Once you have posted multiple photos, videos, or text posts about it then you can ask for the sale. You are prepping them to buy the thing, creating the desire, and then offering them the way to get it.

This strategy can be used for anything from tint(reduce summer heat), to remote start(cool down the car), to blue tooth installs(hands-free solutions while driving), and anything in between. If you are sitting at home watching the latest episode of West World then you have time to work these all out. It doesn’t take long when you take the time to build the idea out. There are even services that you can use for Facebook and Instagram where you can plan it all out and see it laid out on a calendar if you are more visual. I recommend which you can find using the link here.

Last, but definitely, the most important!

You have to be able to start building relationships with people. In a world right now where we can’t walk around and shake hands you need to be the one that can do it socially online. You want to become the voice in your community that has the answer to the challenges your customers want. Where it is how to make the speakers sound better, or the crazy guy that gets their trunk rattling. Be excited about what you are doing and make sure you show it.

We are in a world where a lot of people are down, maybe even depressed, that are looking for the next smile. You want to be the one that brings that to them and in the process, you can gain a customer for life. When you do this, the price becomes unimportant. Don’t be another source of doom and gloom, there are plenty of those already out there. Make sure you are the one that makes the people around you happy and do it by using some of these ideas.

I hope this helps you out, please let me know how it goes and what you are seeing with your customers. I am so ready and excited for what is to come. Things are only getting better from here and its got a smile on my face, what about you?

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