January 7, 2020

Rebirth of PPI: a new product and new direction

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So as I sit here digesting my first day of CES 2020 I have to share my excitement about the new changes happening at Epsilon. With Ronnie Brashear at the helm they are making some huge changes with the current lines of products and really focusing on the direct dealer base. Providing a good quality product with an affordable price that is profitable to sell. With all the history around Precision Power, it makes me happy to see what they are doing to get ready for the future. This is really a rebirth of the line and what it once was with a 2020 twist.

New Amps, what to expect?

There are going to be two main new amplifiers to look out for the 2020 year, the Power Class and the Atom Amplifiers. The Power Class amps not only look amazing but are going to sound great as well. All of these components are high quality components, some from supplies in places like Germany, not just picked off the shelves of China. Some of the components will be US pieces as well to make sure they are great performers with no sacrifice in performance. These amps are vertically mounted with a fancy mount and will even have a DSP that can be added as well. Check my social media links above to check out pictures that I will be taking from the booth tomorrow(Jan, 7th 2020).

The Atom line of amps are going to be a small step down but super compact with some matching marine options as well. These amps have the ability to be stacked and have the mounting screws hidden for a great looking install. These are going to be the daily bread and butter of the line with good quality parts from suppliers Korea.

Speakers to match!

These lines will have great speakers to go with the new amplifiers as well. The Power Class 2 and 3 way component sets are great looking products that are very unique to other items in that price point. Ribbon tweeters are unheard of and are a great addition to these speakers. Unfortunately these are not released yet but will be coming soon. Hopefully before the end of the 1st quarter.

Atom will be where your mix of components and coaxes will be while giving a great sound quality bang for your buck. All while fitting in all of your common vehicles and sizes. Even these speakers will be protected so you will be able to sell them and stay profitable at all time.

Harley Davidson, down the road of the Motorcycle world!

Another super exciting announcement is the product mix of Harley specific pieces that will be plug in play for most of your motorcycle needs. This includes a Factory replacement radio that plugs into the factory radio harness. It will also work with Android Auto and Apple Car Play, SiriusXM radio, steering wheel controls, and will even integrate with Maestro for gauges and other options on your bike. This is going to be a game changer because no other manufacturer offers this solution right now, and it made to drop right in. We even have an option for your Road King Harley’s without a place for a radio. PPI has a BT radio option that bolts right onto your factory throttle bracket using factory bolts. All while giving you controls for volume and song with in whatever system you put on your bike.

After you radio is replaced, PPI will also have drop in replacement speakers specifically for your different lids and fairings. A challenge in the bike speaker world is weight and heat so they tackled this by giving you a Neodymium speaker to save weight while adding a brand new heat sink to keep the speakers cool while not over heating the speakers. Other competitors have been known to over heat and even melt items in your bag, that won’t be an issue with these speakers. You don’t want to burn/melt your jacket while jamming your audio going down the road.

If you need bass they are going to have you covered you as well, PPI will be releasing this year a pair of factory drop in sub enclosure for factory bags, with an amp and port built in. These match your factory bags already and all you need is power, ground, and signal and you got an easy bass upgrade without all the hassle of a leaking bag because you had to cut it up for your subs. They are two 8″ woofers, one in each bag and are sold in a pair.

Last but not least we have prefabbed fairings for both the 14+ and 13 down Harleys loaded with speakers in them. These are kits you can get directly from PPI that will just bolt on and get your music. Everything all said and done you can build out an 8 speaker system with subs with a great factory fit and finish. This is one of my favorite new things about the brand in 2020.

UTV and Marine, a very fast growing market

Last but not least they are launching a UTV Speaker speaker line that give you both 6.5″ speakers or a small, medium, and large sound bars for any vehicle you can get. If you don’t have a SXS and you have a boat there will be a full mix of, 6.5“, 8”, and 10” sub options for you no matter your situation. Because these are all built to Marine standards they can be used in any outdoor application.

With all of these new products coming out, and PPI committing to direct dealers with limited and protected distribution, this line is going to blow up in the next 18 months. This is not going to be an internet brand of the past, and they will be building quality products like back to the PPI Art and Power amps of old. I can’t tell you how happy I am to see PPI do this. If you have questions we will be finishing up with CES this week but feel free to reach out to me on any of my social media channels above.

Thanks so much and I hope you have a great 2020 this year!

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