January 10, 2020

Best Way to Increase Sales in Your Retail Store in 2020

Increase Retail Sales in 2020

So in 2020 everyone is starting to look at their New Years resolutions, and when you are a business owner your resolution always seems to be to increase sales. Well there is one new Huge Hack” you can do to increase sales. Luckily you are here to read about it and will be able to execute on these secrets.

What do I need to do?

Some people think, well do I need to bring in the newest brands to increase sales? Bringing in a new brand to a store can both help create hype and create confusion in your store. While is this could be helpful to your 2020 year, is it The Hack”? No it is not!

Beating my competitors price?

Others believe that beating a competitor’s price is the key to closing every sale. While making a quick buck and lowering your price can make you more sales in the short term, at what cost? You can have your creditbility change with the customer and now you are just the deal guy instead of the valued expert.

The race to zero ends badly and it is more important to be profitable than to make the sale at all costs.

So if this isn’t the answer either, what is the super secret hack”? It’s way more simple than you think.

The Super Secret Hack” of 2020

Smile… that’s it. Smiling is the best way you can start any relationship with your customer. First impressions are everything and if the first time they see you they see a big smile on your face they will trust you and it will be easier to make more sales. Seeing a smiling person puts someone at ease and makes it easier for them to reciprocate.

I know this sounds crazy but try it in your shop, whether it is you or your sales people make sure that every customer that walks in your door is met with an energetic hello with a big smile. Be happy to see that customer walking through the door. This sets your business up for success and your store will be different than any of your competitors around you. Some of you already do this now but we want to make sure you remember this going into 2020. We live in a world where more people are more interested in their phone than actually talking to the people in front of them. Smiling shows that you are honestly interested in talking to them which makes them subconsciously feel important and happy.

Now is the time to experiment, try it out and let me know what you think. What’s the worst thing you have to lose? I think you will be very surprised to see the difference in sales and customers you have already. Go comment on my Facebook or Instagram to let me know happens after A/B Testing.

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